Another Scam?

I came across with a lot of sites about garcinia cambogia and their miracle positive effects on weight loss.

According to WebMD Garcinia is a plant…. The fruit rind is used to make medicine. How does it work? Recent studies suggests that garcinia may prevent fat storage and control appetite; however, this site tells that whether these effects occur in humans is unclear!

There are dozens of studies that point out incredible results, but there are experts saying the opposite… So who should you believe in?

I really don’t know… sorry… I know that that was not the answer you were expecting, but I really don’t know.

Maybe the best way is to try it!

But are there any side effects?

The supplement is made of a fruit extract and as long as you do not take more than the recommended amount no side effects should occur. Neither the studies nor the experts saying it won’t work claim any particular side effect. The only side effect is the money you lose if that doesn’t work.

The main component of pure garcinia cambogia is hydroxycitric acid which send a signal to your brain saying that you should stop eating and this way controlling your appetite which in most case the main cause of obesity.

Any ways I believe that this could complement your effort to lose weight by having a healthier lifestyle. And by this I mean choosing the proper diet and doing some exercise. It’s not that hard. Start walking 10 minutes per day… Then 20 and after that 30 minutes… The instead of walking you start jogging… and believe me… you be much HAPPIER!


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